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Get to the Bottom of the Smiling Country · Classic Luxurious Tour of 4 Days & 3 Nights in Phnom Penh
  • Stay · Boutique Hotel

  • Taste · Cambodian Delicacies

  • Visit· Exotic Sceneries

  • Explore · Beautiful Culture

The Royal Palace Of Cambodia
The Independence Monument
The Tallest Skybar in Phnom Penh
  • Day 1
    Phnom Penh at First Sight
    Arrive in Phnom Penh
    Stay in a[Boutique Hotel]
  • Day 2
    Amazing Places & Sight-Seeing
    [The Royal Palace of Phnom Penh]View the centuries-old royal palace
    Visit the[Independence Monument], a majestic structure that dominates Phnom Penh city center
    Taste authentic [Southeast Asian Cuisine]
    [Extreme Pleasure]
    [Naga Duty Free Shop] Shop till your heart's content
    Take a break, try out the [Take a rest in the journey, try out the]
    Dine in a [Local Social Media-Worthy Restaurant] to taste authentic classic cuisine
    Visit [Sky Bar] to enjoy a colorful nightlife of Phnom Penh from above
  • Day3
    Appreciate the Charms of Phnom Penh
    Visit [Wat Ounalom Temple] and the [National Museum]
    Experience the beauty of Khmer culture
    Get Cambodian souvenirs in the largest [Aeon Mall] of Phnom Penh
    Taste[Authentic Khmer Cuisine] in a famous Khmer restaurant
    Appreciate the beauty of Phnom Penh
    Indulge in a [Luxurious Seafood Dinner] and treat your taste buds
    [Night-time Tour] Enjoy the charming night view of Phnom Penh
  • Day4
    Say Goodbye to Phnom Penh
    End of this unforgettable journey
R&F City, The Biggest Garden Community In Phnom Penh
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