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Cambodia, Navigating Global Investment Direction

With the ambitious Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), Southeast Asia presents itself as the only thoroughfare of sea and land routes. Among the ten ASEAN countries, Cambodia is the bellwether within China's BRI framework. Between 2013 and 2019, China has been Cambodia's largest investor - with a contracted investment capital of more than 12.5 billion USD.


Right smack in the middle of ASEAN, Cambodia is the intersection of the Pan-Asian Railway Network and an important hub of the sea, land, and air transportation system surrounded by 9 other ASEAN countries. Cambodia is also part of the ASEAN Economic Community, benefitting directly from the economic integration and regional investment policies.


The Eastern route of the Pan-Asian Railway Network starts from Kunming, China, heading south to Singapore with a total length of approximately 5,000 kilometers. The economic coverage of this railway network radiates throughout South East Asia and South China, with Cambodia at the center. Phnom Penh will also usher a 2-hour city circle in Asia after the opening of the Pan-Asian Railway Network. The Kunming section has now been completed.


The Pan-Asian Railway Network & The Future Economic Corridor
The upcoming Kra Canal is forecasted to boost the economic growth of Cambodia. It will integrate into an economic corridor while bringing radical changes to the Strait of Malacca.
The Geographic Core of ASEAN Countries, “New Asian Tiger”
Cambodia Records A Robust GDP Growth Of Over 7% For 9 Consecutive Years
For the past 10 years, Cambodia has recorded amazing economic growth that is drastically 3 times faster than other countries. The Year-on-Year GDP % growth in Cambodia also surpassed neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand, and many more.
In 2019, Cambodia topped among all ASEAN countries with its GDP growth rate of 7.1%, becoming the fastest growing country in Asia. 
Enactment of Petroleum Law In Cambodia Lines A Faster Growth Rate For The Country
As the National Assembly of Cambodia adopted the draft of the Petroleum Law. As reported by the World Bank, Cambodia is endowed with 2 billion barrels of oil and 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Cambodia also signed an agreement with Singapore-listed Kris Energy to develop an offshore oil field. This move is a catalyst for the economic growth of the Apsara oil field in Cambodia's Block A-an offshore oil development that spans 4,709 square kilometers, with water depts of 50-80 meters. It is estimated to have approximately 2 billion barrels of petroleum, which is half of Dubai's total reserve. 
Long-standing China-Cambodia Friendship with Stabi
The Cambodian People’s Party is the party of power in Cambodia, with long-term political stability and strong economic development momentum.
  • 诺罗敦西哈莫尼
    Norodom Sihamoni
    King of Cambodia
    Became King in 2004
    In power for 14 years
    Representative Sinophile
    State visit to China in August 2005 and June 2016
  • 洪森
    Samdech Hun Sen
    Prime Minister of Cambodia
    President of the Cambodian People’s Party
    Came to power in 1985
    In power for 35 years.
    Originally from Chaozhou, Guangdong
    Contributor to the political stability
    Revered by the people
The long-standing China-Cambodia Friendship Bolste

During the Bandung Conference held by Asian and African countries in 1955, Sihanouk met and developed a deep friendship with Premier Zhou Enlai. 

On July 19, 1958, President Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai, and Prince Sihanouk established formal diplomatic tie between China and Cambodia at the ambassadorial level at Tiananmen; 2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic tie between China and Cambodia; 2019 is also the designated China-Cambodia Culture and Tourism Year. 

In 1955, Deng Xiaoping met with Sihanouk and his wife
In 1958, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jingtao met with Prince Sihanouk
In 2017, President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister Hun Sen
Strong dollar assets and freehold property rights
  • A Safe & Stable Strong US Dollar - Based Asset<
    A Safe & Stable Strong US Dollar - Based Asset

    With the current global inflation, US Dollars remain the safest currency to hold on to. As such, an allocation of dollar assets became the optimal strategy to protect one's assets against inflation.

    Cambodia is the world's third-largest dollar-based country and the only country in Asia that uses US dollars as the currency for all transactions; with the world’s most stable currency - “US dollar” combined with a high ROI investment product, property in Phnom Penh presents itself as the best choice for asset allocation; apart from that, Cambodia, a non-CRS country, also hailed as the “Little Switzerland in Southeast Asia” allows their residents to freely hold foreign currencies.

  • Freehold Property Rights For Foreigners<
    Freehold Property Rights For Foreigners
    Under the Foreigner Property Ownership Law, foreigners in Cambodia are allowed to own non-landed properties, obtaining the same property rights as local citizens. Foreigners are also eligible to lease, buy and sell houses at their discretion, without any ownership time limit or additional taxes on inheritance. 
The population's median age in Phnom Penh is 27 years old, which presents a strong growing demand for houses - making it easy to buy and sell for home owners.
The average age of Cambodia’s population is only 27 years old, Cambodians under 30 years old makes up 70% of the country, making Cambodia the youngest country in the world.

Between 2014 and 2018, Cambodia’s population grown faster than neighboring SEA countries, which impacts the housing demand positively. The huge demographic dividend is set to provoke strong and sustained demand in Cambodia’s real estate market.

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