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Royal Palace
A magnificent golden palace
Located in Chaktomuk, it features traditional Khmer architectural style and religious elements. It is a must-visit attraction in Phnom Penh. With yellow enclosing walls, it is composed of over 20 palaces whose cloisters are exquisitely carved with murals. One of the palaces, the Silver Pagoda, rebuilt in 1962, is best known for its ground made of 5,329 silver tiles.

Opening hours: 8:00-11:30; 14:00-17:00
Admission fee: $6.5. For guide service in Chinese, $10 per hour will be charged
Tips: People who wear sleeveless clothes, skirts or shorts (except knee-length shorts) are not allowed in the Royal Palace.
Naga Duty-Free Shop
The frontline of international fashion
Located at the underground tunnel connecting Nagal and NagaZ, Naga Duty-Free Shop is the largest international duty-free store in Phnom Penh. Nearly all globally famous luxury brands can be spotted in this store, making it the frontline of international fashion in Cambodia. I'm sure there's always something you'd like to have.

Tips: Alipay, cash, Visa Card, Master Card and UnionPay Card are available at the store.
Rosewood Sky Bar
Wonderful nightlife at the tallest rooftop bar in Phnom Penh
Rosewood Hotel, one of the 18 hotels run by the world's leading hotel company, is located in the Vattanac Capital at the very center of Phnom Penh City. At the top of the hotel stands the tallest and most luxurious rooftop bar in Phnom Penh - the Rosewood Sky Bar. With an intoxicating panorama of the city and the Mekong River at night, the bar will surely provide you with wonderful nightlife in this metropolis.
Independence Monument
A witness to miracles
The Independence Monument was built to commemorate Cambodian's winning back their independence on November 9, 1953. Featuring a typical national style, the Monument consists of 7 floors with a total height of 37 meters. One hundred seven-headed cobras (a cultural symbol of Cambodia) were installed on a five-layer lotus bud. The Monument was designed by Van Moly Vam, and has stood there for over half a century, witnessing every miracle that happened during the rising of such capital city. Opening hours: 24/7

Admission fee: None
Wat Ounalom
Listen to what Zen tells you
Strolling along the lakeshore of Tonlé Sap, you can see the most splendid ancient temple in Phnom Penh, Wat Ounalom. It is also the center of Buddhism in Cambodia. The name "Wat Ounalom" means Lord Boddha's eyebrow in Kampuchean, so the temple got its name for allegedly holding an eyebrow of Lord Buddha. Inside the attraction erects dozens of pagodas. Tourists and monks come in an endless stream. With the breeze comes the chanting of monks, the rings of wind chimes and the flutters of pigeons.

Opening hours: 06:00-18:00, closed at noon
Admission fee: None
Eclipse Sky Bar
A bar causing Internet sensation on Instagram
Eclipse Sky Bar is one of the most popular sky bars in Phnom Penh. It's located at a spot that can overlook the fascinating nightscape of the city and the Mekong River. A recommended bar attraction on Tripadvisor. Eclipse Sky Bar was once awarded as the best sky bar in 2014.

Address: Phnom Penh Tower, 23rd floor, Boulevard Monivong, Phonm Penh
Le Moon Rooftop Lounge
A must-visit place with glamorous sunset
Le Moon Rooftop Bar is known for "the best place to see the sunset" in Phnom Penh. Inside the bar, you can enjoy the stunning view of 270-degree sunset scenery. It is a must-visit place with glamorous sunset.

Address: 1 Sisowat Quay 154, Phnom Penh
Shooting Range
Experience the thrill brought by live ammunition
A myriad of experience brought by the use of live ammunition.
Professional firearms provided by the Cambodian military like Ak47s, M16 rifles and pistols.
Over 17 types of world-famous guns are available for selection. Load, aim and fire! Feel the backward force when the bullet comes out of the gun, and smell the gunpowder right after the shooting. We'll take you to play in the battlegrounds like playing in Game for Peace!
Central Market
A glimpse of Cambodian life
The Central Market is known as Phnom Pehn's Art Deco landmark. This yellow-painted central dome is one of the most bustling markets in Phnom Pehn. Inside the Market are stalls selling handicrafts, jewelry and Cambodian fried insects, among others. It is a distinctive market most favored by foreign tourists.

Opening hours: 05:00-17:00
Cambodian SPA
Relax your soul in fragrance
If you ever try the Thai massage, you must never miss the authentic Cambodian massage.
Natural essential oils in combination with skilled techniques in a fragrant atmosphere created by the burning incense are bound to soothe every part of your body and drive away your fatigue of a long journey.

Recommended stores:Somatha SPA
Address: #7CO Street 278 Sangkat Beng Keng Kang I Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh Let's relax
Phnom Penh Shooting Ranges
A total of over 20 adults can participate in the shooting simultaneously.
Professional shooting teams and coaches provide one-to-one guidance, demonstrating the correct way to fire a bullet.
The shooting range can provide you with a safe and pleasant shooting experience, no matter you are a novice or skilled shooter.
Recommended Shooting Ranges in Phnom Penh:
[911 Shooting Range] Address: 4 National Hwy 5, Phnom Penh
[Phnom Penh Shooting Club] Address: Odem, Phumiknhei, Posenchey, 4 National Hwy 4, Phnom Penh
Cambodian BBQ
As a popular hot pot cuisine in Southeast Asian countries, Cambodian BBQ is served with a round tray, with the bulged part in the middle used for the barbecue, and the sunken surrounding for "hot pot". When meat is being grilled on the bulge, the gravy produced will naturally flow to the lower part, the hot pot, adding a more delicate flavor to the hot pot soup.

Local famous restaurants in Phnom Penh:
[Mama Thai Restaurant] A must-try Thai restaurant in Cambodia, with a stylish ambient and authentic Thai food.
[Porkei Chinatown Seafood Restaurant] Special seafood dishes, salt and pepper soft shell crabs and the specialty wild rice tofu give you a unique flavor in a foreign land.
[Ngon Restaurant] A well-known Vietnamese restaurant with romantic ambient. A must-try restaurant at night.
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