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RF City Project Photo
Project Photo
General Floor Plan
  • Main Entrance and Display Area
    Main Entrance and Display Area
  • Sales Department
    Sales Department
  • Atrium View
    Atrium View
  • Characteristic Sculpture
    Characteristic Sculpture
  • Garden Platform Entrance
    Garden Platform Entrance
  • Wooden Bench
    Wooden Bench
  • Street-level Stores
    Street-level Stores
  • Jogging Track
    Jogging Track
  • Standard Swimming Pool
    Standard Swimming Pool
  • Children's Pool
    Children's Pool
  • Swimming Pool Rest Area
    Swimming Pool Rest Area
  • Characteristic Steps
    Characteristic Steps
  • Viewing Gallery
    Viewing Gallery
  • Sunshine Lawn
    Sunshine Lawn
  • Tennis Court
    Tennis Court
  • Entrance Platform
    Entrance Platform
  • Integrated Activity Venue
    Integrated Activity Venue
  • Senior Activity Venue
    Senior Activity Venue
  • Children's Playground
    Children's Playground
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